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Hot Platters

Minimum delivery of 4 platters on weekdays and 6 on week-ends.

A delivery and pick-up fee applies – please contact us for pricing, or you are welcome to pick-up from our premises in Caversham.

If you require staff for your function, please contact us for alternative menus and terms & conditions.

Hot Pastry Platter

$90.00 60 Pieces

  • 12 pieces per item
  • Party Pies
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Baked Spinach & Ricotta Tartlets(V)
  • Chicken Empanada’s
  • Vegetable Curry Samosa (V)
  • Served with tomato and bbq sauces

Hot Vegetarian Platter

$85.00 60 Pieces

  • 12 pieces per item
  • Roasted Vegetarian Quiche (V)
  • Three Cheese & Vegetable Fillo (V)
  • Pumpkin and Feta Arancini (V)
  • Pea and Parmesan Frittatas (V)
  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls (V)
  • Served with vegetable relish & mild salsa

Hot Mediterranean Platter

$140.00 60 Pieces

  • 12 pieces per item
  • Rosemary and Garlic Lamb Cutlets (GF)
  • Marinated Chicken Drumettes (GF)
  • Greek Meatballs
  • Chili and Garlic Prawn Skewers (GF)
  • Chicken Slovakian Skewers (GF)
  • Served with tzatziki yoghurt and garlic mayonnaise

Hot Mixed Savory Platter

$95.00 60 Pieces

  • 12 pieces per item
  • Chorizo and Chicken Chili Skewers (GF)
  • Beef Dim Sims
  • Lamb and Vegetable Curry Puffs
  • Coriander Chicken Balls
  • Vegetable and Black Bean Spring Rolls (V)
  • Served with coriander yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce

Hot Chef’s Selection Platter

$100.00 60 Pieces

  • 12 pieces per item
  • Thai Fish Cakes
  • Moroccan Chicken Brochette (GF)
  • Crumbed Prawn Cutlets
  • Beef Chipolatas wrapped in Proscuitto
  • Goats Cheese and Caramelized Onion Quiche (V)
  • Served with seafood sauce and tomato chilli jam

Items marked (V) are Vegetarian and (GF) are Gluten Free.

Prices are as of 1st July 2016

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